You’re a pirateand you’d better not forgetthat when you step over the threshold of your shippeople will look oddly at you.When you keep on walking down the streetKids will run from you and scream.When you cross the street and step into a storeemployees will revile you and kick you out.If you’ve got no characteryou’ll turn back,and if notyou’ll keep on going     as you’re going … Continue reading Character


This shell harbors one full cast in desperate need of a crew.Playing each role in stride ignoring the characters’ names on the side.The antagonist just is the protagonist,and her plucky sidekick, too.Don’t look carefully, and you can believe it’s a ruse.Besides, the choreography’s wrong, and the jester’s an agonist.This identity is merely an illusion.Every act just a comedic melodramatic allusion.If you peer closely, no you … Continue reading Instability