In Hell

Torture all-encompassingAs fires reach from belowBeasts dwell herefeasting on boiling fleshThe monkey plays his hornto the tune of burning bloodWeeds grow and thrivein the skulls of the damnedWar crimes define the sceneScreaming is the only soundIn Hell.Where beasts and dragons reignClamp the neckHang the bodyupside downin Hell Continue reading In Hell


Another iteration. New. Again.Again let’s go again let’s go again.Remix. Repeat. Remix. Repeat. Again.Let’s go again let’s go again let’s go.It’s all been done. Do it again. Once more.All-American suicide. Revive.Sell me your toes. One dollar each. Regrow.I know you slip. I heard from Dante youwill burn, too. Can you feel the fire burning?There is a spectre haunting this house andI wonder who it could … Continue reading Remix